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Reba Smith says this about Prophecy Code II.

I absolutely love your book, I bought six copies of Prophecy Code ll. Your new conclusions and observations are right on. I also like the fact that you separated the tribe of Judah- Jews from the rest of the Tribes of the House of Israel. I will recommend this book to everyone and send a copy to my Pastor. Every Christian should read your book as they are commanded to know the signs of the fig tree. I will be ordering more to pass around.


Willard Nernberg from Calgary, Alberta, Canada says this about Prophecy Code II

I have just read and re-read Jeff Manty’s book Prophecy Code II and what an eye opener it was. He has certainly done an in depth research on where the anti Christ will come from and he is pointing us in the right direction. Satan the father of all lies and deceit has hidden his agenda for centuries and convinced the world that the anti Christ or ruler of the world to come will come out of Europe and Rome. The true picture of where Satan has been building his base is being exposed by end day scholars like Manty and is bringing us a much clearer picture about the Satanic religion of Islam. Jeff has shown us through his research how Allah will be the Mahdi of the long awaited Messiah in Islam who is this last days ruler that will come into the world in the very near future.

Jeff has also shed light on the 2520 biblical year clock or calendar found throughout the book of Daniel pointing out these very days we are living in. This book is a is a must read as it brings a current day perspective about Islam and how Islam is already playing the major roll in end time prophecy in these last critical days.




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